Business Consulting and Support

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Cyprus Company

  • Maintenance of computerized accounting records
  • Preparation of monthly / quarterly management accounts
  • Preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS (International Financial reporting Standards)
  • Preparation of debtors’ statements of account
  • Reconciliation and analysis of bank accounts
  • Reconciliation of creditors’ balances with the creditors’ statements of account
  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow statements
  • Preparation of annual tax computations

Payroll and Personnel Services

  • Monthly calculation of the payroll which includes gross salaries, other benefits and allowances, sick leaves, overtimes, prepayments etc
  • Detailed calculations of the Social insurance contributions
  • Exact calculation of the monthly tax (PAYE) that each employee may have to pay
  • Support with the registration of the company as an employer with the Social Insurance Services
  • Support with the application to the Social Insurance Services with matters of hiring, letting go and other changes in the personnel of the company
  • Support with the application of MEU1 of non-Cypriot European employees with the Civil registry and Migration Department for the obtainment of the Registration certificate
  • Support of third country Nationals with different permits from the Migration Department that are needed to work in Cyprus
  • Timely update on changes with the regulations that might affect the company ( Employers GuideSocial Insurance in Cyprus )
  • Update and support services with regards to different employment subsidy schemes that might be announced by the relevant authorities ( Department of Labour, Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus )

For more information on rules and regulations on working in Cyprus , click here

Tax Compliance Services

  • Registration of your Cyprus Company with Tax Department
  • Preparation, submission and maintenance of quarterly VAT returns, and monthly VIESreturns
  • Help with tax investigations
  • Support with the application for obtaining Tax Residency Certificate, Double Taxation, and Tax Clearance certificates from the Tax authorities
  • Preparation of annual tax computations, submission of tax declarations and payment of taxes
  • Take care of all correspondence with the Cyprus Tax Authorities
  • Immediate update of any changes in tax legislation