The name of the Cyprus Company

The name of the company cannot be the same as another registered company’s name. If you apply for a name that is too similar to another company’s name it will not be approved by the Registrar of Companies.

The name of the company must end in either ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’.

Have in mind that A business name is not an Intellectual Property and therefore, it doesn’t grant exclusive proprietary rights in the name or the logo of a business. Registering a company name and/or a business name gives you no rights other than to stop someone else registering the exact same name at the Registrar of Companies.

Application for a company name

The application is submitted to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies and it usually takes 3-4 business names to be approved.

A name approval is valid for six (6) months. If the company is not registered within six months, the name approval has to be renewed by following the same procedure.

Displaying your company name

You must have the name of your Cyprus Limited Company engraved or printed on its stamp in clearly legible characters.

The below list must written in legible letters on the company’s website (if it has one) and all company’s commercial letters, all notices, other official publications and on all bills of exchange, checks and orders for money or goods allegedly signed by or on behalf of the company and on all parcels, invoices, receipts and letters of guarantee of the company:

  •  Name
  • Registration number
  • Whether it’s a private of public company
  • Its registered address
  • If the documents mention the capital of the company, it must indicate how much is the paid capital
  • If it applies, the fact that the company is under liquidation