Set up a limited company: step by step

How to set up a limited company, appoint directors, secretary and shareholders, and register for tax.

A business name is the name under which your company operates. The company name must not be identical to any other.

You must appoint at least one Director and a company Secretary. The Director(s) are legally responsible for the management of the company.

The Shareholders are the owners of the company. You need at least one shareholder who is also called a member and can be a physical person or a legal entity.

The objects of the business the Company will carry out, along with the regulations on how it will be managed, must be clearly defined in a document called the Memorandum and Articles of Association. This document must be prepared by a Cypriot Lawyer.

You'll need to register an official address for your company.

You'll also need to register with the Tax Authorities immediately after the registration of the Cyprus Company.

Registration with the Tax authorities and Social Insurance Services