The Shareholders of your Cyprus company

A Cyprus company must have at least one shareholder (also called a member), who holds the 100% of the shares issued by the company. The shareholder can also be a Director of the company.

The shareholder of the company can be physical person or it can be another legal entity (i.e. another ltd company).

If you require anonymity and you don’t want your name to appear as the shareholder of the company then you may use a Nominee Shareholder. A nominee shareholder is a person (natural or legal) who holds the shares of the company in trust for the Ultimate Beneficial Owner of the company. The nominee shareholder will be the registered shareholder of the company and your name will not appear on the details of the company with the Registrar of Companies.

A Cyprus Private Limited Company can have up to fifty (50) shareholders.

A Cyprus Public Limited Liability Company is required to have a minimum of seven (7) shareholders.

Capital Requirements

There are no minimum capital requirements for Cyprus Private Limited Companies.

For Cyprus Public Limited Companies the minimum capital Requirement is €25.629,00

Rights of the Shareholders

The general rights of shareholders depend on the rights attaching to the shares they hold, as determined by the relevant company’s articles of association.