Registration with Tax

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You need to Register your Cyprus Company with the Tax Department to obtain a Tax ID within 60 days from the date of incorporation

If your Company is going to make taxable transactions more than €15.600 within the next 30 days or if it has made taxable transactions of €15.600 in the next 12 months then you also need to  Register with Tax Department for VAT purposes  and if you are company is going to have transactions with parties in other EU member countries then you also need to register your Cyprus Company for VIES purposes

* Current VAT rate is 19% and the threshold for registration is €15.600

**Registration with VIES is required if the company is going to have transactions with other companies within the EU

If you are going to employee people to work for your company, you will need to  Register your Cyprus Company with the Social Insurance Services as an employer to obtain an Employer’s Identification Number

You also need to Register your Company’s employees with the Social Insurance Services and with the Immigration Department (if needed)


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