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Cypriot Company

Evangelou Loizou & Associates Ltd can help you establish a Cypriot Company so you can benefit from the tax, legal and other advantages Cyprus business regime has to offer.

We have considerable experience in forming Cypriot Companies and that’s why we are in the position to offer an all-inclusive package that will deliver a stress-free experience in registering your business and forming a Cypriot Company.

We undertake the whole process from applying for the name of Cypriot Company, to submitting the required documents to the Registrar of Companies, to assisting you with the opening of a Bank Account in Cyprus, to hire your employees and register them with the appropriate Social Insurance Services and Tax Authorities and everything else that is need to have a fully operational business in Cyprus.

Some of the numerous tax advantages a  Cypriot Company  enjoys:

  • Extensive network of double tax avoidance treaties
  • Dividends received by Cypriot companies from sources inside Cyprus or outside Cyprus are tax exempt
  • No Capital Gains Tax from the disposal of assets other than immovable property located in Cyprus
  • No withholding taxes on payments of interest outside Cyprus
  • Credit in Cyprus for withholding tax in 3rd country (if any)
  • Cyprus company can open a bank account anywhere in the world without loosing any of its tax advantages
  • There is no tax on financial transactions
  • There are no thin capitalization rules

For more information, please click Doing Business in Cyprus

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